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Welcome to the new Yuck Fu website. The purpose of this website is to become noticed by the world around us, and also as an online portfolio for any seeking agents. Our site is undergoing major construction... Thank you for visiting!

Yuck Fu is a group dedicated to breaking into the martial arts world of Hollywood. We wish to bring to the camera, a new and entertaining fighting. We believe that the martial arts world in Hollywood has had a lack of "realism" ever since the death of Bruce Lee. We are determined to re-introduce the world and martial art fanitics, "REAL fighting" on the big screen, by using the methods and principles of original Jeet Kune Do, as developed by Bruce Lee in his lifetime. We intend to bring real skill and real danger to the movie table, As you watch these things on tv, you see that the human bodies are struggling to what is natural and what is not.

We are here to re-introduce the world to "Scientific Street Fighting" and naturalness of the human body as Bruce Lee intended when he was still alive! We must gain the essensials of everything we do to find our own individual TRUTH!


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